Team Building Events

An experience at Somewhere Secret is the perfect way to improve team dynamics with an experience that will feel nothing like work! Your team will have a great time while working on communication, team problem-solving, and enjoying the clarity of a single shared purpose. 

First and foremost, an event at Somewhere Secret is a visit to a world unlike any office, store, or work site. Your team will spend an hour exploring the room and working together to unlock the treasure map, with a shared purpose that will encourage them to break out of their usual patterns and form new connections.

Somewhere Secret is unique among its competitors because of the treasure hunt that occurs outside of the room. Most corporate team-building events have a definite end, but our treasure hunt serves as a lasting reminder of your time at Somewhere Secret.

The game itself is best enjoyed by groups of up to 8 people at a time. For larger groups, we can arrange for multiple games in a row. However, these individual groups can come back together to collaborate on the treasure hunt over the days and weeks to come.

We invite  you to call us with any questions or to discuss the best way to accommodate your group!