Somewhere Secret is located at 222 Walnut Street in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO. This appears to be an ordinary antique store, but inside is something quite extraordinary.  Walk inside to the center of the building where you will find a staircase on the right-hand side; this staircase will lead you upwards to Somewhere Secret. 

We are located approximately 25 minutes from Loveland, 45 minutes from Greeley, and 70 minutes from Denver or Boulder.

If you arrive for your game and find the door to Walnut Creek is locked, never fear, just give a call to:  (970) 235-1199  

For questions, inquires, or to book a private room, please use the form below, or send an email to or call us at (970) 235-1199  

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Somewhere Secret is expanding to Olympia and Bellingham, Washington!