The Greatest Mystery in Fort Collins

somewhere secret

A place filled with relics, puzzles, intrigue, and magic:

Somewhere Secret is a puzzle room game that anyone can play. When you enter the room and begin to explore, many things are not as they seem, but luckily you won't be alone. Somewhere Secret is best played with a few clever teammates - whether it's with friends, family, strangers, or even a first date - the more brainpower the better. 

Somewhere Secret, of course, contains a secret. A true treasure map that leads to something amazing.

When you book a game at Somewhere Secret, you will have one hour to explore the room and tackle the puzzles that lead up to the treasure chest. If you and your team are able to unlock the treasure map within 1 hour then you will be able to go on a to second stage - an epic treasure hunt through Colorado.  It is a wondrous game - someplace between an escape room, an adventure movie, and a live action mystery.

The room is located in Old Town Fort Collins, and is the highest rated escape room in Colorado. Visit our -Reserve a Game- page to make a reservation.

treasure hunt

Q: What is this exactly? I don't quite get it?
A: Somewhere Secret is most similar to an escape room or puzzle room. It is an interactive environment with a series of puzzles and riddles that must be solved to complete the game. If your group succeeds in unlocking the alchemist's secret chest, you will receive a treasure map that you can use to find a hidden treasure somewhere in the Fort Collins area.

Q: Whoa, like real treasure? Where is the treasure hidden?
A: Yes, something amazing is hidden somewhere in Colorado, hints could be in Greeley, Loveland, Boulder or Fort Collins. Sadly, due to Colorado state law, this treasure has no monetary value. But it is truly something incredible to discover.

Q: Is there any previous knowledge needed to play this game?
A: Nope! The puzzles in the room are accessible to everyone and are designed to appeal to a diversity of minds. Whether you are an 11 year old or a Harvard graduate you will have a fair chance at solving the game. You will want to come at the top of your wits (we very much recommend the game be played sober). Out of the box thinking is a great help. The clues are all around so keep your eyes open.

Q: How many people can play?
A: 2-8 people can play the room at a time. If you are playing a regularly scheduled game, and have a group smaller than eight, you may end up playing with others who book during the same slot. It never hurts to have more brain power. However, if you want to ensure that your group is the only one in the room you will need to schedule a private game. Private parties do have to option of including a 9th player upon special request: Please call (970) 235-1199 to book.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: All games must be scheduled in advance. Regularly scheduled games can be seen on our "-Reserve a Game-" page.
Games can also be arranged outside of regular hours. To schedule a game at a special time please call us at (970) 235-1199.

Q: I played once but didn't get the map. May I play again?
A: Yes, but please contact us directly to make arrangements. Do not reserve a space in a regularly scheduled game, because we don't want to ruin the secrets for first-time players.

Q: How much does it cost?
$26 per player, or you may reserve the entire room for a private game for $208. See the Private Game page for more information.

Q: Who can play?
A: Anyone over the age of ten who loves puzzles, games, magic, stories, and mystery will enjoy it the most. Kids below the age of 12 will need an adult to play with them, and though certain portions may be difficult for children to solve, we have found that sometimes kids are quicker than their parents at certain puzzles. (Note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who can sign a waiver for the child). Somewhere Secret also is not wheelchair accessible at this time. Players will need to be able to navigate a staircase as well as perform some light bending and crouching in order to fully explore.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Just yourself! A pair of reading glass may also come in handy.

Q: Where is Somewhere Secret located?
A: Somewhere Secret is located at 222 Walnut Street in Old Town, Fort Collins, CO. When you first arrive you may feel like you are in the wrong place, it appears to be an ordinary antique store - but inside is something quite extraordinary. Walk inside to the center of the building where you will find a staircase on the righthand side; this staircase will lead you upwards to Somewhere Secret. *** If you arrive for your prescheduled game and find the door to Walnut Creek is locked, never fear, just give a call to: (970) 235-1199

Q: When should we arrive for our reservation?
A: Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your game is scheduled. Your game will begin promptly so don't be late! We will need time to explain the rules and answer any questions you might have. If you arrive for your prescheduled game and find the door to Walnut Creek is locked, never fear, just give a call to: (970) 235-1199

Q: Is this an escape room?
A: Somewhere Secret is the next evolution of escape rooms. A more epic, multistage adventure. The most authentic escape room you will play . If you love escape rooms, you will love this game. However, if you are apprehensive about being locked in a room - Somewhere Secret is the perfect game for you to start with as you will never be locked in a room. The door is always open if you need to leave. Instead of the simple goal of escape, you will be swept off on a quest that extends beyond the walls of any one building. Your goal is treasure and glory, and it is honestly out there waiting for you to find it.

Q: Where should we park?
A: This area of Fort Collins has a variety of on-street parking and several dedicated public parking lots. The Walnut Creek building has a small parking lot available on the east side of the building, first-come first-serve.