Somewhere Secret is the only escape room in Fort Collins that has received unanimous 5 star reviews across all reviewing platforms. 

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“Absolutely the best!”

★★★★★  "The afternoon we spent at Somewhere Secret surpassed our every expectation! We went with a large family group (14 people), so we split into two groups to do the room. We ranged in age from 9 years to 70 years, and absolutely every single person in the group (including those who had been a little dubious at the start) had an AMAZING time. It's beautiful, and mysterious, and so well-thought out and constructed. It was a wonderful way to engage everyone to work together, using different talents and ways of thinking. Lots of laughs, lots of excitement, and we were talking about it for hours afterwards. Cori and Mark have put together a lovely adventure! Don't miss it." - Liz S

“Great fun, unique puzzle experience. Fun for families, friends.”

★★★★★  "This was our first puzzle room experience, and it was fantastic--left us wishing we could tackle another puzzle adventure right away. The setting is charming and fun. Very clever clues are embedded in interesting artifacts. Very challenging, and we felt very excited and motivated to solve the puzzles. There was something for everyone, and part of the fun was to find ways to coordinate our efforts most efficiently and effectively. We had so much fun, with laughter, shrieks of delight and discovery, and some angst as the deadline drew closer. Throughout the rest of the day we continued to talk about the clues and our approaches, discoveries, and mistakes. I strongly recommend this very interesting, thought-provoking adventure." - Kathleen T

"Most amazing escape room I have ever done."

★★★★★  " I wish I could keep going back to do it all over again! Bring lots of people and never stop searching!" - Mackenzie A

“Must do adventure”

★★★★★  "This puzzle room was a ton of fun. My 23 year old son and his friends did it and loved it, them my 50+ year old friends did it with me and loved it. And no my son didn't give me any hints. The puzzles are challenging but doable. If you're in Fort Collins or the surrounding area, this is an activity you don't want to miss! 

It would be great for fun loving families, a group of friends, or even work groups than need to learn to work together. It would also be an awesome way for someone to ask a special someone out for a special date, or even for their hand in matrimony." - Nancy K

"A distinct masterpiece compared to other escape rooms"
★★★★★  "Can honestly say this was one of the most memorable experiences on my trip to Colorado. This room was a distinct masterpiece compared to other escape rooms." - Brett C
"Our group had an absolute blast at Somewhere Secret!"
★★★★★  "The room we were in looked outstanding. There were many surprises cleverly hidden all along the way that kept us totally engaged in this mysterious place. Very clever and well thought out puzzles to interact with throughout the entire experience. Would highly recommend to anyone that enjoys going on thrilling adventures!!" - Zachary G
"Well put together! Great People! Can't wait to do it again!"
★★★★★  "The whole theme and idea really brings people together. A must for companies looking for team building activities!!" - Xris K
“Amazing find - a must visit!”

★★★★★  "Somewhere Secret is the most thought out, complicated (in a good way) and beautiful escape room I have participated in. I can say enough about how well done the entire experience is. 
The hosts are wonderful and have put an amazing amount of time and thought into making this the most interactive experience you'll have. The room is well put together with lots of puzzles for everyone to be involved in (6-8 people is not too many, especially if you communicate well). 
I would highly recommend this room to anyone - whether your new to escape rooms or are an avid addict. 
We're still talking about the details and twists a couple days later. The suggested $25 per person is not nearly enough for the entertainment, experience and brain work you'll get out of it!" - Leah A


“You should get here as soon as humanly possible.”

★★★★★  "This place is just incredible. It's one of the most fun and fascinating experiences I've had in my life. The puzzles are beautifully designed, and the atmosphere is perfect. It's like being inside a steampunk fantasy novel (but even that doesn't do it justice).

If you've played the iPad game The Room, you'll know exactly what to expect. It's like playing that game in real life, which is every bit as great as it sounds. We actually managed to finish the game, and I can definitively say that the last puzzle is as good as the first. The entire experience is a complete victory of imagination. It's worth way more than the measly $25 suggested donation. 

The best part is that when you solve the room, there's still one more secret to find out in the real world. We left energized and excited, and we immediately went out to try and figure out this last clue. We're still working on it, and we'll be driving back to Fort Collins soon to (hopefully) find the treasure. The game keeps giving you mystery and intrigue even after it's "over." 

Mystery and intrigue are hard to find these days when every bit of information is at our fingertips. Somewhere Secret puts you in a rare headspace of wonder and enchantment (sounds corny, but that's actually what it does).

This place is really a work of art. If you're someone who loves being intellectually challenged and believes that the world needs surreal dreams in order to stay sane, get to Somewhere Secret as soon as you can." - Jesse L


“Absolutely wonderful”

★★★★★  "This was such a fantastic experience. We had so much fun finding the secret in this beautifully constructed, cleverly filled room. It is great for anyone with an imagination, if you love old mysterious things, or even as a team building exercise. I highly recommend this for anyone. We left a few hours ago and we're still talking about it!" - Taralyn B


"Playing this room is such an enjoyable and unique experience!"
★★★★★  "The room is filled with beautiful, mysterious objects. It's like stepping into a different time. You can't help but pick up and study everything you see. The closest feeling I can think of is exploring endlessly in grandmother's creaky old attic- but then you get to do awesome puzzles! I played with 7 friends and we all felt it was equal parts fun and intellectually stimulating." - Claire H.
“Creative & Well Done! Loved it!”
★★★★★  "This isn't so much an escape room as you aren't locked in, instead you have an hour to explore, solve puzzles and try to open a treasure chest which houses a treasure map that you can take home with you. We had 6 adults and everyone contributed the entire time. The key really is communication because we were all searching and working on different puzzles but they interrelate so someone would say they found such and such and someone else would realize what to do with that such and such. We all loved it and had so much fun. The puzzles are thoughtful and super creative and everything flows really nicely. There are multiple "aha!" moments that where the team mini-celebrates figuring something out before moving on to the next puzzle. Now to find the treasure somewhere in Colorado from the map we won! The owner, Cory, is really talented and did a great job putting the room together, we hope she does another room!" - Lovetotravel5303
"We really weren't sure what to expect, and our group was all blown away by the experience!"
★★★★★  "It was SUCH a fun night. I am really impressed with how beautifully crafted the experience was, down to incredible detail. It was a great date night with three other couples, something different and engaging for us all as a group. We all highly recommend Somewhere Secret! This will be tough to top!" - Wes M.
"This is a must for everyone."
★★★★★  "Great fun for family and friend's. The story line and puzzles are challenging and fun. It was the perfect mix of riddles, puzzles and magic to keep everyone engaged and entertained." - Leonard B
★★★★★  "This was my first "escape room" style adventure, and the whole team had a blast! The puzzles were really well thought out and creative: there were many moments when the whole team said "wow!" Also, the atmosphere was brilliant! This would be perfect for almost all ages." -Carl M
“Best escape room ever!”
★★★★★  "Very clever puzzles, challenging, and the best part is the adventure doesn't end! A hidden gem! Everyone try it." - Miranda A
“Fantastic Experience for teen birthday party”
★★★★★  "Somewhere Secret is a great place to go for a teen birthday activity. My daughter and her friends loved exploring the room and solving the puzzles. A great deal of planning has definitely gone into setting up the experience. The girls worked together nicely and were thrilled that they opened the treasure chest just as their time was about to expire. Whew! 

Communications with Cori, the owner, were excellent. She answered all my questions and worked through the details via email. The experience exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Somewhere Secret." - FortCollinsReviewer
"Absolutely love this place!"
★★★★★  "Puzzles were well thought out and it was extremely eye appealing! My husband & I have done quite a few escape rooms across Colorado and this by far was one of our favorites. It was a great challenge and with just the two of us we escaped with seconds to spare! Two thumbs up for sure" - Miranda L Meza
"Unique and beautifully done, this puzzle room is a creative and magical masterpiece!"
★★★★★  "Our group of friends had a blast working our way through the hidden clues. It's Old Town location in the historic mercantile building and intriguing local history ties added to the fun and mystery. We loved it!!!" - Jan WL
"We did this with 8 people for my birthday and it was THE BEST birthday activity in all my 39 years!"
★★★★★  "We had so much fun and loved every second of the game. I recommend to everyone! You will keep thinking about it long past leaving the room." - Jennifer
"This was our second escape room adventure and it was AMAZING!"
★★★★★  "Beautifully crafted and thoughtfully created puzzles and room. Well worth the time and money. We'll end up comparing all our future adventures to this one!" - Michelle G

The reviewers all agree, Somewhere Secret is one of the best things to do in Fort Collins!